The Nike Pegasus Turbo Will Finally Make ZoomX Foam Accessible To The Masses

Nick Harris-Fry

Friday, July 13, 2018 – 13:11

Since its launch last year the Nike Vaporfly 4% has established itself as a game-changing running shoe, especially for those seeking to set a marathon PB. In fact, the only real problem with the Vaporfly is that it?s very hard to come by, selling out in the blink of an eye on the few occasions it has been made available.
There are a few reasons for the Vaporfly?s success but one of the main ones is the ZoomX foam in the midsole which is soft, responsive and very light ? everything you could want when running fast for a long period. Until now ZoomX has only been used in the Vaporfly 4% and Vaporfly Elite shoes (the latter being even more tricky to come by for the amateur athlete), but the new Pegasus Turbo shoe will bring the material to a much wider audience.

Nike?s Pegasus line is well established as an all-rounder running shoe ? the 35th edition of the Pegasus launched earlier in 2018. The Pegasus Turbo is set to offer a similar experience, in that it will be a good choice for all kinds of training and longer races, but the inclusion of the ZoomX foam should make it softer and bouncier than the standard Pegasus. Despite offering the same stack of cushioning, the Turbo is also lighter at 238g, with the Pegasus 35 weighing in at 281g (both men?s size 9). It?s not all good news, though ? at £164.95, the Turbo costs £60 more.

The Turbo won?t match up to the speed of the Vaporfly 4%, which has a carbon plate in the sole to help propel you forwards, but it also shouldn?t suffer the durability issues of the 4%, which is best saved for race day owing to the relatively quick degradation of the ZoomX sole. Nike has included a thin layer of the foam used in its long-lasting Epic React shoe in the sole of the Pegasus Turbo to help protect the ZoomX midsole from wear and tear.
Nike is positioning the Pegasus Turbo as a comfortable and quick daily trainer, and a natural complement to the Vaporfly 4% if you?re using that for races ? a pairing that makes sense for elites and very enthusiastic amateurs with an extensive shoe collection. For the everyday runner, however, the Turbo should be great for both training and racing, with the ZoomX foam protecting the legs on slower runs while still being light and responsive enough for faster running.
The Pegasus Turbo will be available to NikePlus members via the Nike and Nike+ Run Club apps on Thursday 19th July and on the Nike website on 2nd August.

Nike Pegasus Turbo
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