The Best Sports And Running Underwear For Men

Nick Harris-Fry

Friday, August 24, 2018 – 21:31

All too often people overlook the importance of their underwear when running or playing sports, never clocking the inherent madness of popping a set of sweat-wicking performance shorts over a pair of standard tighty-whities or cotton boxers. You might get away with using sub-par pants for short, sharp bursts of activity, but once you start exercising for longer the discomfort caused by inadequate undies becomes abundantly clear ? especially if you’re a runner.
Pick up a pair of any of the below, however, and you can be sure you’ll complete your run in complete comfort. If you’re training for a marathon in particular, we guarantee that a couple of sets of proper performance underwear will be among the best purchases you ever make, because they are an essential ally in the never-ending war against chafing.
Bjorn Börg Court Borg Performance Shorts
Bjorn Börg does stylish performance underwear better than most, with a range of eye-catching designs made from its wicking Hydro Pro fabric. The Court shorts are simpler in style than most in the range but have the same performance benefits thanks to the stretchy, fast-drying fabric and flat seams.
Buy from Bjorn Börg | £15
Runderwear Boxer Short
The biggest name in running underwear, with a product that offers unrivalled comfort thanks to a seamless, sweat-wicking design that guarantees a chafe-free run. There are a range of underwear styles in Runderwear’s line-up but our favourite is the boxer, which has gripping strips on the bottom of the legs to stop them riding up mid-run.
Buy from Runderwear | £18

SueMe V2 Tree Trunk
This underwear is made from beech tree pulp, which not only allows for trunk puns galore, but also makes them incredibly soft, fast-drying and naturally odour-resistant. The seams on the trunks are placed in out-of-the-way spots that aren’t prone to chafing and every pair comes with three beech tree seeds to plant yourself.
Buy from SueMe | £20
Comfyballs Performance
Will you get questions when the waistband on these boxers rides above your trousers and people see the name Comfyballs? Yes, you will, but it’s worth suffering a few awkward moments because the underwear really does live up to its name. The Performance boxers in the Comfyballs range are made with Coolmax fabric to keep your comfortable and dry, even during long training sessions. We’ve worn Comfyballs for runs ranging right up to a marathon and never been disappointed.
Buy from Amazon | £29.99
Under Armour Original Series
If you’re running or doing some kind of exercise most days then stocking up your wardrobe with Under Armour’s undies is a wise move. The stretchy fabric offers a snug but not tight fit, and it wicks sweat away rapidly so your nethers stay drier and cooler.
Buy from Under Armour | £28 for two
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Designed for superior performance, Tani underwear is made with stretch Italian microfibre that lets you move with ease. The Performance Boxer Brief has a moulded pouch for added comfort and bonded side seams that guarantee a perfect fit, and the fabric is breathable and quick-drying.
Buy from Tani USA | $75 (around £58) plus shipping
Saxx Kinetic
Glance at these form-fitting boxers and you may think they’re inside out. In fact, Saxx has placed the nicer-looking, softer seam next to your body. All underwear from this American brand have a nifty ball pouch which keeps ’em separated from the skin on your leg, but this particular pair also have a gripping material around the leg openings to keep everything in place.
Buy from Cotswold Outdoors | £29 (some styles currently reduced to £17)