The Best Men’s Moisturisers

Nick Harris-Fry

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 – 20:41

You don’t need to follow a full-on Patrick Bateman-style grooming ritual every morning to look after your skin. Dabbing on a little moisturiser after you shower, maybe more often when the weather is cold or when you have dry patches, will do the job for most people.
Which moisturiser you use will depend on your skin type. People with very dry skin need a rich moisturiser, while those with oily skin should use a lighter product that won’t block their pores. If you have sensitive skin you’ll also want to avoid products that use any chemicals or fragrances that irritate ? sadly, the only reliable way to discover this is through trial and error. If you’re lucky to have skin with no clear type, then just go nuts and pick the moisturiser that pleases you most, whether that’s down to the scent, texture or price.
We’ve tested a wide range of moisturisers and that extensive research has yielded both silky-smooth skin and the following selection of our absolute favourites.
Malin + Goetz Rum Body Lotion
The dark rum fragrance of this lotion might lead you to think you’ll walk around smelling like you’ve had a heavy night out, but you’d be wrong. The scent is subtle and it’s our favourite of all the moisturisers we tried, which is saying something. The lotion rubs in easily and doesn’t feel greasy at all.
Buy from Space NK | £29 for 250ml
Jack Black Extra Rich Body Hydrator
Despite being a richer body lotion designed for dry skin, this moisturiser is absorbed quickly and doesn’t feel oily. The pleasant, slightly citrusy scent isn’t overpowering, so feel free to slather this all over your body when you’re feeling dry.
Buy from Mankind | £30 for 473ml
Perricone MD CBx For Men
Most skin types will get on with this face moisturiser, but it’s especially good for oily complexions thanks to its lightweight texture. It’s absorbed immediately and has a woody scent that’s very subtle.
Buy from John Lewis | £49 for 59ml
Nivea Men Creme
Nivea Men Creme is good value and available at all supermarkets, making it a great pick for those who want to keep things simple. It takes a little time to sink in, but has a refreshing scent and it’s designed to be used on both the body and face.
Buy from Tesco | £4 for 75ml
The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser
Rubbing in a cooling moisturiser like this one on a sunny day or after a sweaty workout is one of life’s great pleasures, and this refreshing lotion is also great to use after shaving. It’s absorbed by the skin quickly, leaving a pleasant tingle in its wake.
Buy from Amazon | £7.95 (RRP £9.95) for 100ml
Bulldog Original Moisturiser
The herby, slightly zesty fragrance makes this one a strong contender for the ?best scent? crown. Bulldog has a range of great moisturisers, including options for oily or sensitive skin, but the original is our top pick for those with quote-unquote normal skin.
Buy from Amazon | £4 (RRP £7.30) for 100ml
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We were unimpressed with this moisturiser when we first put it on because it’s not so great at sinking in. Be prepared for smeared, white skin for a little while after application. However, it’s very much worth it because the cooling menthol tingle on your skin is a treat, especially after exercise or a day in the sun.
Buy from Green People | £13.75 for 100ml
Natural Spa Factory Wild Lavender, Aloe And Comfrey Body Lotion
The fragrance sounds aggressively floral but in reality it’s very subtle, with a pleasant hint of lavender. The lotion itself is the most fluid we tried, which means it’s absorbed instantly, making it easy to apply to large patches of skin without excessive rubbing.
Buy from Amazon | £17.25 for 250ml
Tropic Energy Boost Daily Moisturiser
A more divisive scent this, with a fiery ginger fragrance that only fades a little over time. We like ginger, however, so it’s two thumbs up from us, especially as the zingy smell is somewhat invigorating. Tropic has marked this down as a face moisturiser, hence the diminutive 50ml tube ? you’ll go through it in a week if you use it on your body as well.
Buy from Tropic Skincare | £22 for 50ml
Electric Ink Tattoo Care Daily Moisturiser
This all-over lotion is designed to help prevent the ink used for tattoos from fading, as well as moisturising your skin. We don’t have any tattoos, so can’t testify to the former, but the creamy texture, somewhat lemony smell and quick absorption make this moisturiser a joy to use even if your skin is ink-free.
Buy from Electric Ink | £10.95 for 200ml