Last week?s workouts + Aaptiv App Cycling

Good morning! I’m sitting here working on this blog post even though I’d rather be running. It’s a cool(ish) morning with a gentle rain, but since my plantar fasciitis is still being grumpy, I’m keeping my mileage low. I ran a total of 5 miles the week before this last one, and I’m working to gradually increase my distance while keeping my plantar fasciitis from getting worse. Although, I’m honestly not sure if it’s worse, about the same, or if I’m just losing patience with it. I’m definitely missing the mental release and the super sweaty sessions that only running gives me. Thankfully I’ve found something that mimics that feeling a little – Aaptiv indoor cycling classes. More on that below! Last week’s workouts M – Top Tier Crossfit 15 AMRAP of: 9 deadlifts, 155#/ 100# 12 push ups 15 box jumps , 24″ I got through 6 rounds + 29 reps This was such a good workout! I probably shouldn’t have done the box jumps with my plantar, but I just love them. T – 4.2 miles, 8:42 pace My plantar felt a liiiittle better than the week before, but it was still being a little jerk on this […]
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