Last week?s workouts: a week without running :/

Last week’s workouts included a couple trips to Top Tier Crossfit and a solo cycle class using the Aaptiv app. And I didn’t run at all. The last time I didn’t run even one mile in a week was in April 2016! (I just scrolled through my Strava training log and had to scroll a while!!) I can’t believe how awful this plantar fasciitis has been. Thankfully the workouts at Top Tier Crossfit were good last week and I tried their new HIIT class which I really liked too. And the Aaptiv Cycle classes help me get that heavy sweat I crave. But, I ran 4 miles this morning and my foot felt the best it has felt since this plantar crap all started a few months ago. I still notice it walking around the house all the time though. I have needling with my physical therapist again this week, and I’m debating going to a sports doc but I think they’ll just refer me to a PT anyway. I asked one of my friends who is an orthopedic surgeon and he said that at this point, the next step with a sports doc would be an MRI to see […]
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